What We Do

B.A.D. Composting is a composting co-operative that is aiming to get people gardening and create good soil for the community from our community! We do this primarily through generating compost by collecting community food scraps and utilizing community spaces to cook up some good soil! Soil is the basis of life, and by diverting food scraps from the waste stream and creating soil, we are giving new life to our communities. It’s Born Again Dirt! 

In action, we distribute buckets for collecting food scraps to our member-owners, and then organize volunteers to pick up these buckets and other waste materials in order to build compost. We’ve built composting sites at community gardens and member-owners’ homesites to make our compost. We then distribute and sell our compost to community gardens, member-owners, and all eager gardeners. 

As a co-op, all of our members are member-owners, which gives all a say in company decision-making. Further involvement is welcome by helping to build new gardens, volunteer for a pick-up route, picking up raw material, and building new compost bins. We are building soil and community!


the folks behind the founding


Ballard Reynolds is the founder of BAD Composting. He has been composting since he was a child and is excited to try and get more people involved. Freshly graduated from App State, Ballard decided to devote himself to helping his community keep food scraps out of the local waste streams and increase gardening and food access. Catch Ballard waging war on invasive brambles to grind up and add carbon to a compost pile.

Ballard Reynolds

Sydney Blume is a founding member and board member. She's in it for the gardening. After a few years of gardening in Western NC's clay soils, she discovered the importance of building compost because a good base of soil makes for good gardening! She loves connecting with the community and the smell of her car after a coffee-ground pick-up.

Sydney Blume

Kevin McDermott is the BAD intern and board member. A senior in Sustainable Technology at App State, Kevin enjoys his free time finding incredibly nonsensical memes, attempting to play the mandolin and riding his bike or climbing ( order of importance).

Kevin McDermott

LuAnna Nesbitt is a founding member and board member. A product of Appalachian farming, LuAnna studied Sustainable Development at App State and is passionate about local food systems and some good dirt. She loves dumping buckets and saving tasty morsels for her bunny. 

LuAnna Nesbitt

Cullen Beasley drinks sheep's milk every morning because he likes to start the day thick and frothy. He is a founding member and board member. His passion for composting comes from the sweet stink of a cooking compost pile. In his freetime, catch him enjoying spearfishing in the cool mountain streams of North Carolina.

Cullen Beasley

Michael Weiss has never known the answer to the riddle. He is a founding member and board member. He loves good dirt. Fun fact about Michael is that he has kept thousands of pets at a time via his worm boxes and mushroom logs and plentiful bacteria aiding in fermentation. Michael is the proud father of at least six bonsai trees. 

Michael Weiss